Founded in 2011, Lafayette RE LLC is a New York-based private equity firm focused on the single family homes asset class in the U.S. Lafayette has pioneered and led the development of the professional single-family home rental industry.

Today Lafayette is one of the 15th nation’s top SFR landlords.


Lafayette's first two funds implemented a distressed acquisition strategy, focusing on foreclosure sales exclusively. These two first funds generated attractive risk adjusted returns, coming mostly from Lafayette's expertise in finding assets below market price at the foreclosure auction, and performing renovations in scale, below market costs. 

In 2013 Lafayette has extended the scope of its activities and launched a land fund at a time where inventory was high and home builders were capital constrained.


Brandywine Homes USA was launched in 2014 as our fully owned property management arm. It is focused on improving the quality of service provided to our tenants and enhancing investors returns by maximizing renewal rates and allowing a better control over maintenance costs.


In 2016 Lafayette Lending began investing in the fix & flip lending space generating attractive risk adjusted returns.

As the asset class matures, Lafayette is adapting its strategy to focus on immediate cash flows generation. It is currently participating in the consolidation of the SFR market, buying under scaled stabilized single family homes portfolios, and scaling further its private lending business.


Lafayette currently manages three funds on behalf of its investors, invested across more than 2000 single family homes and close to $400 million assets under management across all managed entities, as well as a diversified lending portfolio.



Across all these investment strategies, Lafayette relies on the highest ethical standards. Vis-a-vis our investors, we strive to provide best-in-class reporting with complete transparency on key performance indicators or managers' compensations. Through our Advisory Committee, we set in place corporate governance tools.

We treat our tenants with great care, as our clients. Their satisfaction is always our primary goal and we got rewarded by low default rates and highest renewal rates.

Lafayette also fuels the local economy by creating local jobs through property management and renovation work. We are providing a much needed service for communities in our markets by removing distressed inventory and providing good quality, affordable housing for families. These efforts are, ultimately, stimulating economies in the areas hardest hit by the housing crisis.